Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

  • Andrea Clarke

    Receptionist, Covenant Living at the Shores

    Andrea took on the herculean task of managing Lyft rides for about 20 employees during our recent snow. Not only was she juggling multiple simultaneous rides, she was also working hard to find drivers in hard-to-access areas. Andrea's behind-the-scenes work ensured that critical staff were able to get to campus to perform their jobs and serve our residents. Thank you, Andrea!

    Recognized By: Betsy Bahn, Office Manager at Covenant Living at the Shores

  • Tom Pels

    Manager, Expense Cycle, Covenant Living - Central Office

    There was a missed invoice that needed to be processed prior to the calendar year end. Tom responded immediately and told me he would help move the invoice through the process. The invoice was paid this week and the vendor was very appreciative. Thank you Tom for the great customer service from you and your team.

    Recognized By: Cory Stern, Director of Transformation at Covenant Living - Central Office

  • Marianna Apantenco

    Activities Aide, Covenant Living of Northbrook

    We had a call-off for the concierge Saturday morning due to illness and Marianna immediately jumped in and offered to cover the desk. She did it without hesitation and was happy to help the team out. I so appreciate her willingness to make sure this busy and important area was covered. Thank you Marianna, I'm so glad you are part of our team!

    Recognized By: Hilde Sager, Executive Director at Covenant Living of Northbrook

  • Zari Kamran

    Nurse, LPN/LVN, Covenant Living of Colorado

    Thank you for your rapid response and support during a resident health emergency. You are always checking on your coworkers to see if there is anything you can do to assist even though you have your own assignments to complete. You are supportive of the CNA's and other nurses. You are caring and compassionate to your residents and their families.

    Recognized By: Shelley Warren, Nurse, RN at Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Carly Luke

    Dining Room Supervisor, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    The Dining Department was working in the midst of a very staff challenged situation. Carly took the lead and made sure to support the team while they worked through this. She did this with a smile and a great attitude! The camaraderie, positivity and team approach to meeting this need was awesome. Thank you for being a rock star!

    Recognized By: Christopher Rigsby, Director of Human Resources at Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

  • Maribel Martinez De Cabrero

    Dining Services Aide, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    Maribel is very considerate of the residents. She had the great idea to bring in holiday balloons from a second job she works. She used her personal time to bring the decorations to the Samarkand and to help the residents have a festive holiday season. She truly cares about the Samarkand and its residents!

    Recognized By: David Joel, Manager, Dining Operations at Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • Deb Pawelko

    Director, Business Office, Covenant Living - Central Office

    Deb has been instrumental in the transition of Three Crowns Park. She has treated everyone she has worked with with dignity and respect. The CFO told me that he appreciates all she has done to help out and the respect she has shown them throughout the process. Thank you Deb for pitching in and for all you do!

    Recognized By: Jeannie Justie, Chief Financial Officer at Covenant Living - Central Office

  • Geoffrey Ashcroft

    Driver, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Geoff volunteered to run 850 Christmas cards to the Post Office so they could be mailed in a timely manner. I really appreciate his willingness to help Marketing as we are reaching out to our prospects and vendors. He made it happen quickly.

    Recognized By: Christi Kronberg, Sales Assistant at Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Loretta Randolph

    Receptionist, Covenant Living of Cromwell

    Loretta has been a great asset to our community, she always goes above and beyond and helps whenever she can. When residents have simple tech questions she does her best to walk them through it before sending through a ticket which I really appreciate! Thanks for everything you do Loretta!

    Recognized By: Brian Feliciano, Field Support Engineer at Covenant Living of Cromwell

  • Sumanjit Kaur

    Nurse, LPN/LVN, Covenant Living - Brandel Manor

    On a day Suman was supposed to be off for a holiday. She agreed to come in to work due to an urgent need. I appreciate Suman's positive role model and responsiveness to our resident's.

    Recognized By: Yolanda Rodriguez, Director of Nursing at Covenant Living of Turlock

  • John Zamudio

    Executive Chef, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    John and his team did an outstanding job with the food service for Jim Angell's Retirement party. John and team have a lot on them right now, and this was an event added to their already busy schedule. The food was prepared so beautifully, presented well, and tasted amazing! Everyone commented on how great the food was. The staff was great to help out with last minute details as well. Thanks for a job well done!

    Recognized By: Martha West, Director, Philanthropy at Covenant Living of Golden Valley

  • Debra McClain

    VP, Legal, Covenant Living - Central Office

    Debra is an amazing asset to Covenant Living! I had a very scary issue where I was asked for a legal insurance document that was required the same day. The threat was that if we didn't produce this document our gala venue would be canceled. Debra went completely above and beyond and was able to help me get the document so that we didn't have to cancel the event. I am very grateful!

    Recognized By: Adena Dutter, Director, Philanthropy at Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Greg Bryan

    Housekeeper, Covenant Living at Inverness

    Greg filled in to clean a resident's home while his co-worker was on PTO. The resident called back a stated how courteous and pleasant he was . The resident stated that Greg did a wonderful job cleaning her apartment. She could not praise him enough. The resident stated that Greg took the time to try to help her find her hearing aid. Greg thank you for displaying our Common purpose in creating joy and peace for our resident.

    Recognized By: Gerald Harris, Housekeeping & Laundry Manager at Covenant Living at Inverness

  • Tamra Heitman

    Director of Resident Services, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    Tamra is the perfect example of keeping up with the image here at Windsor Park. Recently we put up the Christmas trees in Centrum. Tamra worked endlessly to make sure all of the trees looked beautiful. From setting up the construction of the tree to searching for new ornaments to fluffing the 18ft tree to getting up on the cherry picker to make sure the top of the tree was just right. Tamra did it all and the Centrum looks beautiful for this time of the year. Thank you Tamra for your efforts with the giant undertaking.

    Recognized By: Dallyce Wallace, Activities Coordinator at Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Caroline Backus

    Receptionist, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Caroline helped Marketing get out 850 Christmas cards in a timely manner. We really appreciate her responsive assistance in our outreach to prospects and vendors.

    Recognized By: Christi Kronberg, Sales Assistant at Covenant Living of Turlock

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