How do I do it?


We recognize the exceptional moments that make working here so rewarding.

Q. Who can participate?

A. All employees are encouraged to participate in Inspired to Serve.

Q. What is Covenant Living's Common Purpose?

A. Our Common Purpose is to create joy and peace of mind for residents and their families by providing a better way of life.

Q. How do I recognize someone?

A. Recognize your co-worker here. Fill out a form that explains why the employee is Inspired to Serve.

Q. What does Inspired to Serve recognize?

A. We recognize staff for Safety, Courtesy, Responsiveness and Image:

  • Safety: Employees should act safely and follow all safety procedures as well as work to protect residents from any unsafe conditions. Employees should immediately report unsafe conditions to have them fixed immediately. 
  • Courtesy: Employees should remain courteous to residents and other employees at all times. They should address concerns of residents and be respectful and pleasant at all times.
  • Responsiveness: Employees should respond to all requests within 24 hours. They should anticipate the needs of others and respond in a timely manner.
  • Image: Employees should always work to maintain a good image of themselves and the community/campus. They should ensure that their work environment is professional, welcoming and clean.

Q. What is the Inspiration Award?

A. The Inspiration Award recognizes employees who are Inspired to Serve every day, all year long. Click to read more here.

Q. What happens to my recognition card?

A. The recognition card will be saved in a file with your manager, and it will also be posted on the bulletin board.

Q. Does Covenant Living leadership have service behaviors?

A. Yes, they do! Not only are leaders responsible for the staff behaviors, they are also responsible for their own leader behaviors, such as the following:


  • I provide my staff with resources to create a culture of safety, including tools, training, and communications.
  • I ensure my employees follow safety policies and procedures.
  • I incorporate a safety topic into every regular employee meeting and recognize employees for their efforts.
  • I take appropriate action and follow up for safety concerns raised by my employees and residents.


  • I ensure that everyone feels welcome to our campus.
  • I teach our staff to deliver a "no" with grace and add value by being flexible and offering options.
  • I model respectfulness in all interactions.


  • I make myself visible and accessible.
  • I am accountable to ensure answers are provided in a timely manner.
  • I train staff to have a sense of urgency and prioritize concerns, complaints, and service requests.
  • I collaborate with the staff to streamline processes to improve service.


  • I understand that I represent our Covenant Living Common Purpose in the workplace and in my community.
  • I create an atmosphere where all are welcomed.
  • I ensure my staff has the resources to maintain and enhance the environment.