Employees help by participating in walkathons or running in marathons, serving at food pantries, donating to blood drives, or collecting and delivering toys during the holidays—and more.

    On campus, we welcome adult volunteers to assist with the SAIDO Learning® memory support program. SAIDO is an approach that has been shown to improve the symptoms of memory loss among older adults with dementia.




    Refer someone

    Do you know someone who's inspired to serve in everyday life who would be a great addition to our team? We're always looking for warm and caring individuals who would love working here! If you know someone who would make a great Covenant Living Communities and Services employee, please fill out a referral form.


Motivated to get involved.

You know who the inspiring people are! They’re always the first to speak up and go beyond what’s expected to help others. They’re the ones who raise their hands and get involved in service outside of working hours.