How can I get

How can I get recognized?

I’m Inspired to Serve!

You can be recognized by living out our common purpose which is to create joy and peace of mind for residents and their families by providing a better way of life.

  • Safety involves providing an environment that uses training, reporting, and analysis to foster a culture where no one gets hurt.
  • Courtesy included providing an environment that is respectful, helpful, and patient.
  • Responsiveness includes taking timely, appropriate actions with communication and follow up support.
  • Image involves providing a clean, professional, and welcoming environment for everyone.

From those service standard, we have outlined consistent behaviors to help guide employees in their everyday interactions with residents and staff.


  • I learn and follow safety policies and procedures.
  • I immediately report unsafe conditions for staff, residents, and guests and remediate when possible.
  • I protect residents, co-workers, and myself from unsafe conditions and practices by reporting unsafe conditions and fixing it or having it fixed.


  • I smile and acknowledge everyone that I encounter.
  • I carry myself in a manner that project positivity, approachability, and respectfulness.
  • I address the concerns of other by actively listening and seeking solutions.


  • I take initiative to respond to the needs of others in a timely manner to achieve resolution.
  • I anticipate the needs of others and respond in a timely manner.
  • I communicate to others who need to join me in responding to the needs of others.
  • I return phone calls within 24 hours.
  • I identify actions steps and communicate them to all vested parties.


  • I ensure our environment is professional, welcoming, and clean.
  • I follow Covenant Living Communities and Services' policies and procedures and all regulations.

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