Inspiration Award Nomination

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Inspiration Award Nomination

The Inspiration Awards are designed to recognize individuals who not only are “Inspired to Serve” but also inspire others to serve. This award is recognized every 18 months and recipients are honored at our Covenant Living Summit held in St. Charles, IL. Any current employee is invited to submit a nomination for any other employee they feel deserves to be recognized with an Inspiration Award!

Hover your cursor over the green bubbles for instructions on how to fill out the form. Don’t wait to submit your nomination! The nomination period is from August 21, 2019 to Septemper 25, 2019. After the nomination period ends, submissions will be reviewed anonymously and recipients will be selected by a committee of past Inspiration Award winners.

NOTE: Before you write your nomination, you must first carefully review the nomination criteria for the awards to determine the most appropriate person you would like to submit for consideration. Please view Nomination Writing Guide. linked here.

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