Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

  • Marta Gruca

    FM Office Assistant, Covenant Living of Northbrook

    I work in the office next to Marta, and I am impressed, daily, by the way that she serves our residents and staff. She is always courteous, even when residents are confused or upset. She is incredibly patient with them when trying to get to the root of a problem. Marta consistently follows up on requests, and does everything possible to resolve situations quickly and efficiently. I know that she responds in the same way to family members who seek her help, and that quality of service only enhances Covenant Living's image. She is a shining example of putting our residents first.

    Recognized By: Jan Parkin, Regional Director, Philanthropy at Covenant Living of Northbrook

  • Kevin Shuff

    Recruiter, Covenant Living Central Office

    I would like to recognize Kevin for courtesy, responsiveness and image. Kevin went out of his way to help me with a project last week. We took a trip out to the Holmstad to pass out flyers around town to help with filling our open positions. Kevin's continued dedication to filling our positions and working creatively to do so really makes him Inspired to Serve. Thank you Kevin for all you do for our communities and recruitment!

    Recognized By: Stephanie Kramer, Recruiter at Covenant Living Central Office

  • Nick Heath

    Security Guard, Covenant Living at the Holmstad

    A residential living resident had a bit of an issue overnight and did not have anyone near by that she could call to come help her. Nick stepped in to ensure her safety by staying in her duplex while she got herself cleaned up, and did not leave her alone until she got herself safely back in bed. He also responded to her pendant each time she called overnight and was a great deal of comfort to her, even helping change over her laundry in the machines. Hearing from the resident today, she stated how kind, respectful, and comforted she was by knowing Nick was just a press of her pendant away.

    Recognized By: Kristen Roth, Health Office Nurse RN at Covenant Living at the Holmstad

  • Hanna Youseff

    Driver, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    Hanna has been so flexible in accommodating last minute transportation needs - even when his schedule is already so full. He has been going the extra mile for our residents. Thank you so much, Hanna!

    Recognized By: Helen Bernson, Office Manager at Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • Cheryl Lewis

    Receptionist, Covenant Living of Cromwell

    I've only been working at Covenant Living for a short time ,but I've noticed how much the Residents rely on and appreciate the quick and helpful answers to all the questions given to Cheryl on a daily basis. She is very caring and committed to the entire Covenant Living community, Residents and Staff alike.I would only hope, that I too, can follow in her footsteps and be as admirable as she is.

    Recognized By: Jeannine DeLuca, Receptionist at Covenant Living of Cromwell

  • Michael Rance

    Dining Room Supervisor, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    Michael has only been here a short time and has been put into many different positions. He will gladly do whatever it takes to get the job done. He does it all without complaining. He's a quiet man with a smile on his face that makes you feel comfortable to ask him for whatever you need. He seems confident in his ability to do anything. He picks up shifts and will change his schedule as needed. He has been exactly what we need at this time when we are so short staffed. Michael's been catching on quickly.

    Recognized By: Patricia Ellefson, Manager, Dining Operations at Covenant Living of Golden Valley

  • Mia Leibow

    Vice President, Financial Planning & Analysis, Covenant Living Central Office

    Mia has been super instrumental in quickly helping regional sales with repricing and/or discounting product as necessary to meet the occupancy challenges. Appreciate her collaborative approach, asking effective questions to help find the best solution to the analysis. Thank you Mia!

    Melody Schneider, Regional Sales Director at Covenant Living Central Office

  • Alma Estrada

    Driver, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    I have a lot of appreciation for Alma's care for the residents. She has been flexible and willing to do what it takes to accommodate last minute changes in transportation needs, even when her schedule is extremely full. Thank you for all you do, Alma!

    Recognized By: Helen Bernson, Office Manager at Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • Mike Wilson

    Chaplain, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Mike offered to help me with a potential future resident in the dining room. Mike noticed that the gentleman I had just toured was having difficulty walking, so he offered to get his lunch for him. The gentleman and his wife were so impressed with this act of kindness.

    Recognized By: Cindy Shabaz, Sales Representative at Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Rodrigo Molina

    Maintenance Mechanic, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    When Creekside Kitchenette had a large water emergency, Rodrigo sprung into action orchestrated the repair and cleaning efforts so that the Foodservice was only interrupted for a matter of minutes rather than it turning into a huge issue. What a relief! Thanks for your quick thinking and expertise in repair. Rodrigo demonstrated all of Covenants core standards Safety, Courtesy, Responsiveness & Image in his quick thinking and actions.

    Recognized By: Pat Ellefson, Manager, Dining Operations, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

  • James Bonham

    Maintenance Mechanic, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    James was called to assist with an unexpected delivery of a mattress for a new resident in assisted living. James quickly came to the dock to help as the delivery drivers were just finding the dock area after being misdirected on the campus. James worked with the delivery drivers to ensure they were screened and the mattress got to the right location and resident. Thanks very much for your responsiveness!

    Recognized By: Tracey Cook, Director of Human Resources at Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Scott Enerking

    Driver, Covenant Living of Colorado

    A million thanks for helping Bernie clean out & remove a fridge & replace with another fridge for a resident. It was an immediate safety issue but you were there to assist her when asked & to problem solve.You were a huge asset and I appreciate all that you did today!

    Recognized By: Deb Garrod, Nurse, LPN/LVN at Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Erin McFarlin

    Nurse, LPN/LVN, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    While covering my MOD Saturday I found Erin McFarlin LPN our clinical lead covering many areas in our AL community. Erin was modeling cares and coaching staff that included 1 agency and 3 brand new hires. Erin with no complaints or concerns simply said they were getting it done. Erin provided the best image for these new hires which is the kind of lead we appreciate as we focus on changing the culture in Healthcare - THANK YOU ERIN!!

    Recognized By: Joanne Elenbaas, Director of Sales at Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

  • Andy Schultz

    National Director of Healthcare Sales, Covenant Living Central Office

    Thank you Andy for always recognizing the great work that is being done at campuses in regards to healthcare sales. You are always an encourager and supporter of the campus teams. You go out of your way to celebrate the successes of the teams and that speaks volumes. You also encourage and help grow and support teams to think outside the box and push them to be better and grow in ways they have not before. Thank you for your leaedership within Covenant and living out the common purpose to help create joy for our staff.

    Recognized By: Peter Milbourn, Associate Vice President, Operations at Covenant Living Central Office

  • Joan Brzezinski

    Receptionist, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    Joan filled in many hours last week at the Front Desk as we have been short staffed for a while. She was incredibly responsive to residents' and staff's requests to fix problems while her manager, Kathy Graf, was on vacation. There were times when she was extremely busy, answering questions from residents and visitors. We appreciate your effort and hard work during a tough time.

    Recognized By: Tamra Heitman, Director of Resident Services at Covenant Living at Windsor Park

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