Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

  • Angie Ayala

    Certified Nursing Assistant, Brandel Manor

    I received a phone call today regarding Angie Ayala, PM shift C.N.A. Residents daughter wanted to let me know the entire family thinks she is amazing! They stated she is so kind and compassionate. Thank you Angie!

    Recognized by: Izilda Arruda - Daughter of Room 610-1

  • Diane Moore

    Director of Assisted Living, Covenant Living of Bixby

    Yesterday, Dianne Moore deliberately inspired me to serve! A resident had lost her diamond ring. Dianne called me to ask about it and make suggestions. All four members of my department had already been to the apartment to search, including remaking the bed and inspecting drains and trash cans. I also have the driver search the floor of the bus inch by inch. A little later, Dianne asked about the timing of the next trash pick up, which turned out to be the next morning. She was all set to go change her clothes and dive into that dumpster, but while she was still thinking about it, I begin to search. One by one I reached in and fished out the black trashcan liners from that resident’s nearby trash room. None of the first four had the white plastic bag with the red pull-tie from her apartment. When I got to the fifth bag, I noticed a brown paper bag from the supermarket that our bus had visited. There was a post-it note on the bag with the resident’s name on it. Underneath several discarded food items that had been steeping for a day was the golden ring! While I had absolutely no plans to search a big dumpster for that little ring, Dianne, it turns out, had been preparing for this day for years! Because this trusted leader was firm about searching, I trusted her judgment about the need for it to be done. I had no hope of finding it, but got it done anyway. I am convinced that she would have searched the dumpster again if I had not found it!

    Recognized by: Leo Boller, Plant Operations Manager, Covenant Living of Bixby

  • Audrey Gallagher

    Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living Central Office

    As a remote employee, I often have questions. Since last November when I joined the Covenant Team, Audrey has been there to help me out any time I ask. No matter the question or request, Audrey always says, "I can help you with that." Even if isn't something related to her role, she finds out and/or directs me to the right person. Any time I am at Central Office, Audrey's greeting when I walk through the door has always been a treat, too. Warm & welcoming...a great way to start your day. Thank you, Audrey!

    Recognized by: Jill Ricker, Director of Operations, Covenant Livng Central Office

  • Karen Coy

    Sales Representative, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    Karen has made me feel so welcome since I joined the team here at Covenant Living of the Great lakes! Karen has a strong attention to detail and a positive attitude toward residents and staff alike. I have appreciated getting to know her and having the chance to work with her.

    Recognized by: Rachelle Klein, Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

  • Wilma Wilkes

    Receptionist, Covenant Living of Florida

    I started at Covenant Living of Florida on 7/22/19. My second week on the job I was on the phone helping a resident and another resident came up to my desk and started asking me questions. Wilma was walking by my desk and stepped in and took care of the resident's need. I want to recognize Wilma for taking the initiative and serving the resident and helping her new co-worker. Thanks Wilma!

    Recogized by: Teresa Gavilan, Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living of Florida

  • Susan Rosenstein

    Transportation Lead, Covenant Living of Colorado

    Sue, Thank you for the outstanding job you did getting our residents safely to Nederland and Roxborough Park last week. You were very caring and conscientious about safety of our residents, and made arrangements for Deb, our Wellness Nurse to join you on these off-campus events. Residents had a wonderful time. Thank you for also taking time to run errands for our events, activities on and off campus, and for sharing your time with us. It is appreciated more than you know. I am so grateful to work with you.

    Recognized by: Vickie Krudwig, Resident Life Director, Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Facilities Management Team

    Covenant Living of Mount Miguel

    The whole FM department went above and beyond for our recent 4th of July parade. Several FM employees helped with set-up, brought over scooters in a timely manner, and provided chairs the day before and the day of the event as needed. Several FM employees even wore costumes and participated the day of the parade. Aaron Lancaster brought his whole Boy Scout troop! FM employees brought the parade over the top and helped it run seamlessly so the residents were able to enjoy this very special day.

    Recognized by: Margo Bule, Resident Services Director, Covenant Living of Mount Miguel

  • Lynn Blackburn, Healthcare Administrator & Jeremiah Fernandez, Nurse, LPN/LVN

    Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    After a 12 hour shift, I found my car wouldn't start. I was approaching the front door to find someone to help me "jump the battery" when Lynn had asked if I needed help. She went inside the building and asked Jeremiah to help "jump" start my car. Shortly after, she pulled her car in front of mine, and Jeremiah connected the two batteries. Before we knew it, my car was ready to go. I must have thanked them 100 times! They took the precious time out of their busy day to help me, and I couldn't be more grateful. They were both ready and willing to help, along with giving me pointers!

    Recognied by: Sarah Garbarz, Nurse, RN, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Nelli Asriyan

    Reimbursement Coordinator, Covenant Living at the Shores

    Nellie, Thank you very much for stepping in and working the floor when 2 of our nurse team members called off. You responded to the challenge with a positive and encouraging attitude that brought us together as a team. Thank you very much for all that you do. You are a valuable member of the Shores team and I appreciate you!

    Recognized by: Tamara Solari, Assistant Healthcare Assistant

  • Jodi Turley

    Activities Coordinator, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    Jodi was well prepared for the resident outing to the SB Bowl Concert Sunday night, taking numerous precautions ahead of the event in case of a resident injury or incident. We ended up having 2 incidents on the trip, and due to her foresight, we were able to avoid a major negative outcome. ALL residents enjoyed the trip!

    Recognized by: Dave Johnson, Director of Accounting, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • Agron Pengili

    Maintenance, Covenant Living at the Holmstad

    There was an emergency with a Resident who had pushed her pendant. It was difficult to locate her quickly because the pager stated several different location possibilities. While the nurse ran to check the indoor possibilities Agron and Dan R. both immediately jumped in to help when asked and checked the outside locations. They found her far out in the garden. She was stuck in her power wheel chair and it was 93 degrees outside. Without their assistance it may have taken much longer to locate her which could have been a bigger issue with the heat of the day. Thank you Agron!

    Recognized by: Brenda Lowden, Residential Nurse, Covenant Living at the Holmstad

  • Shannon Kulac

    Wait Staff, Covenant Living of Cromwell

    Shannon regularly comes in on her day off to cover last minute call outs and when her coworkers need her to. Thank you for willingness to pitch in when the need arises.

    Recognized by: Valeresa Dundy, Food Services Manager, Covenant Living of Cromwell

  • Wendy Lucchesi

    Volunteer Coordinator, Covenant Living of Northbrook

    During the month of June, and early July, Wendy has gone above and beyond her normal work duties in making sure activities and off-campus trips were handled in a professional, courteous and efficient manner. This was done in the absence of a Resident Life Director. She really takes great pride in her work, and it shows. Her extra effort is appreciated by residents and staff alike! Wendy is a great asset to the team!

    Recognized by: Cathy Traznik, Resident Services Director, Covenant Living of Northbrook

  • Renee Lopez

    Receptionist, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Renee Lopez very quickly went from working weekends to working 5 1/2 days a week so another employee could accept an opportunity. The pace on the weekdays is much faster than the weekends and yet Renee squeezes in time to make a resident laugh and offers extra attention to residents who need it. Though trying to meet scheduling deadlines for transportation, managing last minute changes and the calamities of the day, she has a big smile and great attitude.

    Recognized by: Patrice Lesondak, Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Katrina Adams

    Dining Room Supervisor, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    With walking in for first day back from a vacation, I want to thank Trina for jumping right in to get the AL dining room set up and to serve the AL residents breakfast this morning.

    Recognized by: Jim Angell, Executive Director, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

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