Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

  • Vicky Mehrwerth

    Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    I wanted to let Vicky know how much her efforts for the annual Christmas Craft Fair were to the community. Vicky not only ran our sales table for a good share of the day on Saturday but she also was responsible for working the Philanthropy table for a coworker that wasn't available to do so. Thanks Vicky for taking your whole Saturday to help out. It didn't go unnoticed.

    Recognized By: Charles J Carlson, Director of Sales at Covenant Living of Golden Valley

  • Jordan Holliday

    Dietitian, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    Jordan noticed a tour for Assisted Living with a prospect in the dining room. Jordan approached and offered refreshments. The prospect was looking for his wife and the thought of living separately was distressing. He asked for an orange juice and was grateful. The care and attention was welcoming and help set the tone for the rest of the visit. Thank you Jordan for your hospitality!

    Recognized By: Meave Foley, Manager, Healthcare Sales at Covenant Living Central Office

  • Mason Hoeksema

    Security Guard, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    Mason encountered a difficult family member, frustrated as he tried to reach him mother in rehab after hours. The family member was inappropriately challenging making some concerning comments. Mason did the best he could to diffuse the situation. What I found most impressive was Mason's desire to seek guidance on how he could have handled it even better. Being responsive, concerned about the image and the best solutions is very admirable. We are grateful to have you on the team!

    Recognized By: Janet Cannon, Director of Sales at Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Yesinia Perez

    Housekeeper, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Yesinia went the extra mile to clean up the furniture that has been stored for too long. We really appreciate her hard work and responsiveness to the Sales Team. Thank you!

    Recognized By: Christi Kronberg, Administrative Assistant at Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Sue Harp

    Housekeeper, Covenant Living at Inverness

    I would like to recognize Sue Harp for her responsiveness during this years summit. Sue did a wonderful job in leading her department while management was away. There were several instances where notice was short but Sue stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park. Way to go Sue!

    Recognized By: Deanna Stewart, Facilities Management Coordinator at Covenant Living at Inverness

  • Victoria Wenick

    Director, Philanthropy, Covenant Living at the Shores

    As usual, Victoria is generous with her time and willingness to help the Reception team with coverage when several members of the team were out sick. Thank you for your "Responsiveness." 

    Recognized By: Betsy Bahn, Office Manager at Covenant Living at the Shores

  • Melvin Najera

    Nurse, RN, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    Melvin was very patient and compassionate with a resident's spouse who was distraught that her husband was non-responsive and being sent out. Melvin was very sympathetic and made sure to retrieve a necklace that the spouse was worried would be lost at the hospital. Melvin also maintained a cool demeanor the entire time, despite the urgency of the matter. Melvin is an excellent member of the Samarkand team and we are all lucky to have him here!

    Recognized By: David Joel, Manager, Dining Operations

  • Jenna Butterfield

    Healthcare Administrator, Covenant Living of Colorado

    Thank you Jenna for our continued collaboration of Skilled and AL. Today we needed assistance with a resident while my nurse was on PTO. You graciously found help and my resident was well taken care of! Covenant is lucky to have Leadership like you and that reflects on the great team you have!

    Recognized By: Ashley Smart, Director of Assisted Living at Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Brian Bernaciak

    Network Engineer, Covenant Living Central Office

    Brian, Thank you for helping Chris going out to Windsor Park to troubleshoot the Wi-Fi and working after hours to try to elevate the issues Residents have been having. I appreciate the extra time you are putting in to help.

    Recognized By: David Phares, Field Support Engineer at Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Jasmin Aguirre

    Certified Nursing Assistant, Brandel Manor

    I would like to recognize Jasmin for getting her Residents up for Care Conference. Jasmin did an amazing job, all her residents looked so nice and Jasmin took the time to stay at the Conferences and give her input on their care. A very special Thank You to Jasmin for all her hard work. It is a true honor to have a CNA that shows so much care and compassion to our Residents working at Brandel. Thank you again Jasmin.

    Recognized By: Roxanne Baskins, MDS LPN/LVN at Brandel Manor

  • Janet Cannon

    Director of Sales, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    Janet was leaving work and saw the resident who was scheduled to play dinner music was a bit concerned. Touchtown did not have a slide running letting residnets know they would be after dinner music. Janet, went to the dining room and to each table to let the residents know Sarah would be playing the piano. Thank you, Janet for going out of your way to accomodate the residents, show your care for her and also the other residnets know there would be after dinner music for them to enjoy.

    Recognized By: Tamra Heitman, Director of Resident Services at Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Donna Albinson

    Administrative Assistant, Covenant Living of Golden Valley

    Donna was instrumental in pulling together a resident discussion group in a short timeframe. Additionally, due to a circumstance that arose, she was willing and able to quickly pivot to a Plan B. She executed on the project with professionalism, positivity, competence and great communication. She did an amazing job and was a big reason the group was conducted with such success. Thank you!!!

    Recognized By: Melinda Scott, Associate Vice President, Insights and Engagement at Covenant Living Central Office

  • David Joel

    Manager, Dining Operations, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    David Joel was notified by a skilled nursing resident that their television was not working David took the initiative to locate the television remote and change the input so that the resident could watch TV. Thank you David we’re making sure our residents receive exceptional service.

    Recognized By: John Tapia, Maintenance Supervisor at Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • Joanne Elenbaas

    Director of Sales, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    Joann assisted me in a big and unexpected way in August 2022. I am a little late in my acknowledgement. I arrived on campus minus a colleague who needed to stay back due to illness. I therefore needed to follow up on items and materials. Joann gave me a space to work, a resource (sales assistant) and materials and tools. She went out of her way to check in on me to make sure I had what I needed, even though that was not part of her plan for the day. Her gracious help and support allowed me to execute on an important task I was there to do!

    Recognized By: Melinda Scott, Associate Vice President, Insights and Engagement at Covenant Living Central Office

  • Dylon Knowlton-Rau

    Director of Resident Services, Covenant Living of Colorado

    Dylon, thank you so much for jumping in to assist at the morning mingle. I so appreciate your eagerness to do whatever it takes. Directing traffic outside before the meeting was so extremely helpful and definitely helped create a smooth event. thank you so much!

    Recognized By: Pam Waters, Sales Representative at Covenant Living of Colorado

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