Inspired to Serve Recognitions.

We know everybody wants to be valued and appreciated for their unique contributions. It takes a special kind of individual to go above and beyond expectations. We recognize our dedicated, hard-working employees who feel good about where they work—and whose inspiration shows every day.

Meet the employees who have been recognized at communities nationwide. 

  • Marcie Kalembkiewicz

    Healthcare Navigator, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    Marcie recently moved into her new position as Nurse Liaison and has been a significant asset to the sales team evaluating patients admitting into our SAR that could be a candidate for a future RL admission. Marcie is consistently responsive when reaching out for clinical support no matter the time of day.

    Recognized by: Joanne Elenbaas, Director of Sales. Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

  • Ian Murphy, Chef, & Daniel George, Lead Dining Server

    Covenant Living of Bixby

    A resident had asked me to let the Dining room know to hold back a lunch for her today. When I failed to notify them on time, and realized after lunch had concluded, Ian and Dan graciously went to the kitchen and made her a lunch to ensure that she had something to eat. I appreciated their genuine concern and prompt action, and amazing attitude! Thank you!

    Recognized by: Garrett Lee, Executive Director, Covenant Living of Bixby

  • Renee McKirchy

    Social Worker, CovenantCare at Home - Illinois

    Renee is the ultimate team player. She covers for others (me!) on short notice and doesn't miss a beat when it sends her across the city during rush hour. She represents CCAH to prospects in an informed and friendly manner. Her responsiveness and attitude are an inspiration - a model to all.

    Recognized by: Donald Johnson, Chaplain, CovenantCare at Home - Illinois

  • Hardeep Singh

    Restorative Nursing Assistant, Covenant Living of Turlock

    Your always lend a hand to residents and staff. Thank you for Taking the time to help me settle in to the new RNA position. Its been a great working with you for the last 14 years heres to 14 more..

    Recognized by: Lizete Neves, Restorative Nursing Assistant, Covenant Living of Turlock

  • Laurie Small

    Executive Director, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

    Yesterday I sent out an email asking the Saido Supporters for someone to take over a session for another employee. Laurie responded that she could do it within a matter of a few minutes. Its great to have a leader who responds quickly, and who supports Saido so much that she is willing to take on an extra session. Thanks Laurie!

    Recognized by: Karen Harris, Director of Human Resources, Covenant Living at the Samarkand

  • John Cassidy

    Project Manager, CLCS Central Office

    John was the project manager for capital planning and approval project. I was presenting the new plan to ELT, He would have regular check-ins, as well as assisted in gathering much of the information, and would frequently ask if I had everything I needed. I greatly appreciated his partnership on this project.

    Recognized by: Cory Stern, Director of Transformation, CLCS Central Office

  • Rachel Hoffman

    Dining Services Aide, Covenant Living at the Shores

    Rachel did an excellent job recognizing an unsafe situation with the food on the service line and didn't know how to address so she took the time to call and ask and correct the situation so that the food we serve to our residents every day is not only safe but delicious. Thank you Rachel!

    Recognized by: Emily Haymond, Dietitian, Covenant Living at the Shores

  • Cynthia Kimzey

    Lead Laundry Aide, Covenant Living of Colorado

    Thank you for quickly taking care of a request from healthcare to wash a table cloth for an event. You went over right away to pick it up and had it returned back the same day! You're awesome!

    Recognized by: Jacquie Guzman, Housekeeping and Laundry Supervisor, Covenant Living of Colorado

  • Marta Gruca

    FM Office Assistant, Covenant Living of Northbrook

    On five different occasions in the last three weeks, Marta has been recognized and noted by the residents as being extremely responsive, available, the "hub" of the department. In each case, the comments have been unsolicited but just inserted into the conversation as other items of need were discussed. Today, walking through the hallway, I came across Marta with a resident who was clearly lost and confused and Marta was working kindly and gently with the resident to help her return to her husband and apartment. Covenant is blessed to have Marta serving our residents each day!

    Recognized by: Kevin McDonell, Director of Facilities Manaement, Covenant Living of Northbrook 

  • Maria Luisa Horta

    Housekeeper, Covenant Living at Mount Miguel

    One of the Residents had misplaced a ring that was given to her by her son, which had a lot of sentimental value. Maria had cleaned her unit earlier that day so she went back to the vacuum bag to see if by chance it was there. She emptied the bag with another Housekeepers help, to ensure they had a second set of eyes looking through the debris, and she found it. The Resident was so happy, that she broke down and thanked her profusely! Way to go Maria. 

    Recognized by: Lety Gonzalez, Housekeeping Supervisor, Covenant Living at Mount Miguel

  • Bethany Vokoviak

    Activities Aide, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

    What started out as a short visit to see the new Memory Support furnishings, soon became a need for a quick response to help with furniture logistics and relocation of several chairs. Bethany, thank you for your all your great help all in support of residents and fellow team members. Because of you, a great deal of work was managed quickly and efficiently.

    Recognized by: Linda Kirpes, Resident Services Director, Covenant Living of the Great Lakes

  • Adam Chesley

    Maintenance, Covenant Living at the Holmstad

    I want to recognize Adam for his responsiveness and courtesy that he provided to new residents that moved into Park Manor. He took time out of his day to go over some questions that the residents had. He did it in a very cheerful way. He made the residents feel like this is their home. Thanks for going the extra mile for our residents Adam. Keep up the good work..

    Recognized by: Katherine Hall, Facilities Management Coordinator, Covenant Living at the Holmstad

  • Debbie Giuntoli

    Health Information Coordinator, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

    Debbie proactively reached out to other team members for assistance in acquiring isolation equipment then followed through on a tight time frame to order replacement supplies for will call. Debbie demonstrated a positive and appreciative attitude throughout. Debbie was a pleasure to partner with!

    Recognized by: Benjamin Stevens, Executive Director, Covenant Living at Windsor Park

  • Brian Feliciano

    Field Support Engineer, Covenant Living of Cromwell

    While setting up for the recent Alzheimer's Association presentation I recognized that we could only get sound but no picture on our screen in the Events Center. The last thing I wanted to do was bother Brian! I tried everything I knew to do, but eventually I needed his expertise. He came instantly and with a smile as he always does! Thanks Brian, you saved the presentation!

    Recognized by: Cindy Harrigan, Resident Services Director, Covenant Living of Cromwell

  • Lynn Manolis

    Housekeeping and Laundry Manager, Covenant Living of Florida

    Lynn presented a creative way to promote safety among staff. She created a "Surfing with Safety" display very attractive to the eye. Thank you Lynn for finding ways to bring safety to the forefront.

    Recognized by: Denise Oliver, Director of Human Resources, Covenant Living of Florida

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