Inspiration Award Nomination Tips

How do I do it?

Inspiration Award Nomination Tips

The Inspiration Awards are designed to recognize individuals who not only are “Inspired to Serve” but also inspire others to serve.

Before you write your nomination, you must first carefully review the nomination criteria for the awards to determine the most appropriate person you would like to submit for consideration. Choose one category for your nominee to be recognized in: 

  • COMMON PURPOSE AWARD: This award is given to an individual who fully embodies our common purpose of “creating joy and peace of mind for residents, employees, and their families by providing a better way of life.” This individual inspires by being an example for others in all four Service Standards.
  • SAFETY AWARD: This award is given to an individual who is inspired to serve and inspires others by providing an environment that uses training, reporting, and analysis to foster a culture where no one gets hurt.
  • COURTESY AWARD: This award is given to an individual who is inspired to serve and inspires others by providing an environment that is respectful, helpful, and patient.
  • RESPONSIVENESS AWARD: This award is given to an individual who is inspired to serve and inspires others by taking timely, appropriate action with communication and follow-up support.
  • IMAGE AWARD: This award is given to an individual who is inspired to serve and inspire others by providing a clean, professional, and welcoming environment for everyone.

Please note: Past winners may not be nominated.

Once you decide your nominee’s award category, use the Nomination Writing Tips below to describe why your nominee should be selected to receive the award!

Nomination Writing Tips

  1. Directly state which category you are submitting your nominee for.
  2. Explain your connection to the nominee. Share how you know the person you are nominating.
  3. Privately speak to or email the nominee’s other co-workers. The nominee’s other coworkers can provide you with further stories about them. You can speak with them in person or request that they email you stories to share about the nominee. Be sure the coworkers you speak with don't say anything to your nominee!
  4. Include specific stories about why your nominee is Inspired to Serve and inspires others. What actions has your nominee taken and what behaviors have you seen him/her model that truly embody Inspired to Serve and go above and beyond their daily job responsibilities?
  5. Proofread your nomination. Read your form and check for spelling and grammatical errors. Ensure that the nominee’s name, campus, and job title are all accurate before you submit.

Below are several excerpts from past nominations as examples of what to include:

"I would like to nominate Steve for the Common Purpose Award. He is always willing to go the extra mile for residents here at our campus. He lives the Common Purpose with his consistent commitment to our residents. He also supports campus wide efforts outside of his department to ensure residents have joy and peace of mind. For example, a resident was stranded at the airport during a snowstorm and learned that her family was unable to pick her up. Steve took it upon himself to brave the storm and return her safely to her apartment. Steve exemplifies the Common Purpose because he puts purpose above tasks."

"I would like to nominate Elizabeth for the Safety Award. She is always looking to help improve the resident experience. She identifies resident needs and shares ideas and suggestions frequently. For example, it was her idea to build an overhang behind the healthcare center that protects residents from the elements and allows for residents to be transported safely and comfortably in and out of the building. This overhang has been a great addition to the campus and will continue to create joy and peace of mind for residents and their families for years to come."

Below are several examples of nominations that need to be more specific:

"Susie comes to work on time every day and completes her assigned tasks."

"Jane does a great job creating the activity calendar each month."

Thank you for taking the time to be involved in the Inspiration Award nomination process.

Click here to submit your nomination. Good luck to your nominee!